Hello and welcome to Firebird Control Center. This administration tool for Firebird should be easy and simple to use for everyone.


Firebird Control Center is an easy to use administration tool for Firebird Database. Database backup and restore can make make without using the complex tool gbak with many parameters. Simple user management helps you to secure tables and procedures. Maintenance settings like sweep interval, set page buffers, etc can be done within some clicks.


  • Backup a database including options verbose, ignore checksums, ignore limbo, metadata only, no garbage collect, non transportable, convert ext tables
  • Restore a database using options verbose, replace, deactivate idx, no shadow, no validity, per table commit, use all space
  • Bring a database offline (force, deny trans. and deny attach) and online
  • Sweep (garbage collection)
  • Repair (mend, validate pages, validate full, read only, ignore checksums, kill shadows)
  • Simple User management
  • Development

    fbcontrolcenter is written in c++ with Qt and is in the moment under heavy development. Accessing to Firebird is be done with the IBPP classes.